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Fashion Files: Where’d Your Sleeves Go, Rafa?

Rafa Nadal wore this sleeveless shirt, the same one he used in Toronto and Cincinnati, in his first round match at the U.S. Open today. However, everyone thought he was going to be wearing this:

I’m glad Rafa isn’t wearing the sleeves because he kind of seemed like the Incredible Hulk and that the shirt was going to rip right off of him.


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Fashion Files: Dementieva in Denim

This is Elena Dementieva’s look for the U.S. Open. And no, I am not joking. Yonex has made some pretty bad outfits in the past, but this one takes the cake. Whoever decided that denim would work needs to be fired. Elena is no Serena, thats for sure.


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Fashion Files: Sharapova’s Olympic Look

I was kinda hoping she’d go with an expansion of her Fed Cup look, but at least there’s no shorts. Or pantsuits.

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Fashion Files: Oracene Price Channels Harry Potter

Oracene Price, mother of Venus and Serena Williams, has a new look. She now bears a striking resemblance to Professor Trelawny of the Harry Potter movies.

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Fashion Files: Day 1 Statements

“I. love. coats.” – Serena Williams. Hence the trenchcoat. She’s also rocking a new do.

Roger Federer kept it simple in a cardigan with his signature embroidery.

The belt was a nice touch, too.

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Maria’s Fashion Mystery Solved!

She’s wearing the shorts.

Maria herself revealed it in a recent interview.

Q. What outfit are you planning to unveil?

MARIA SHARAPOVA: Changing it up this year. I’m going with the traditional shorts, believe it or not. I’ve never worn shorts at a Grand Slam. I’m gonna be debuting that. Call it menswear, obviously. It’s kind of like a tuxedo look, very simple lines, classic.

Huh. Who would’ve guessed?

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Fashion File: Maria’s Wimbledon + Summer Looks

The white version of this dress is what Maria Sharapova is supposedly wearing to Wimbledon this year. This one looks like it could break the chain of Masha’s two previous Wimbledon dress flops. (Gills, anyone?)

As for the U.S. Open Series, Maria will be sporting these addias Stella McCartney-esque pieces. They won’t be in use for long, seeing as Maria is only scheduled to play one U.S. Open Series event, in Montreal.

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