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Closed for the Season

Due to the lack of interesting tennis, Throw Up the Deuce is shutting it down until next season. Blogging will begin again January 5. Thanks for all the support in ’08 and we’ll see you again in ’09.


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Attn: Throw Up the Deuce Patrons,

I owe you all an apology for my negligent blogging of late. Granted, the world of pro tennis is going pretty slow right now, but, still, I should be doing a much better job. After this week things are going to be a whole lot easier on my end so, until then, keep yourselves entertained with this:

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Mini Break

Throw Up the Deuce is taking a mini hiatus for the next few days. As much as I would love to continue blogging, we don’t have a decent Internet connection at the beach house. Oh, well, you’re just gonna have to do without me. Be back on Wednesday.

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