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Now, Don’t Get Too Excited


Andy Roddick’s official Facebook page is up and running. Exciting, right? Wrong. But, there are quite a few pictures, like the one above, of Andy looking like a complete tool. The link is here, go have fun.

In other news, Martina Navratilova, after telling reporters that she is taking back her Czech citizenship, tells Maria Sharapova to shut the fuck up. Well, sort of.

“If I were the commissioner of tennis I would outlaw (screeching during matches.) Maria’s level gets louder the closer the match and quite frankly it’s not necessary, they aren’t lifting 300 pounds, they’re hitting a tennis ball.”

Personally, I think grunting should be kept to grunting, not screaming as Maria does. No one needs to scream to hit a tennis ball. Ever.

Lastly, Jelena Jankovic has a surprising talent for blogging. The blog she’s doing for the WTA Tour at Indian Wells is actually turning out to be quite entertaining.


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Martina Navratilova Takes Back Czech Citizenship


After more than thirty years of being an American citizen, Martina Navratilova has decided to take back her Czech citizenship. The 51- year-old tennis legend told the press in Tokyo on Tuesday that she regained her Czech citizenship that she lost when she defected in 1975 on January 9 of this year. She also said that she was maintaining dual nationality and keeping her U.S. passport. Navratilova has expressed negative views on George W. Bush in the past and is probably the reason for the citizenship switch. “We elected Bush. That is worse! Against that, nobody chose a communist government in Czechoslovakia,” she told a Czech newspaper last year. Somebody should tell Martina that Bush has less than a year left in office.

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