Throw Up the Deuce


Boo Hoo?

Maria Sharapova has yet another new Nike ad, entitled “Here I Am”. Its supposed to accentuate the stuggles Maria overcame to get where she is today, but to me it made her sound kind of ordinary. I know Mash had it pretty rough from ages 7-15, but “just another pretty face”? Is this really the best Nike can come up with? It seems to me that people who don’t know Maria’s story are going to get the wrong idea about her from this commercial.


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Williams vs. Mannings: Oreo Style

The real competition here is, which commercial will be overplayed more, this one or Maria Sharapova’s new Canon spot. I think this is the only thing Maria can beat the Williams at.

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JJ and the Giant Umbrella

It’s always something with Jelena. She never does anything quietly, does she?

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Venus and Serena, Why Are You So Great Sometimes?

Sometimes Serena and Venus can be pretty great. This is just one of those times.

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What is this? A two handled racquet, seriously? Has our sport really come to this? People, just learn to play with a regular racquet. If you can’t do that, you shouldn’t be playing tennis.

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Snaps for Tennis Comedy

Some snaps are in order for youtubers vickyanddre for their absolutely hilarious videos about the lives of professional tennis players. Their entire Inside Tennis series had us in stitches. The following is the latest episode in the series involving Justine Henin’s retirement.

The Jelena Jankovic bits are especially hilarious.

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Rafa + Maria + Ana + Novak + Cheesy Music/Effects = Pure Enertainment

Ha. That was actually funny.

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