Throw Up the Deuce


Run Fast, Maria. Run Fast.

The career-ruining, cradle-robbing, worm dancing Radek Stepanek was seen with Maria Sharapova on the Roland Garros practice courts before Maria’s 4th round match. Just a casual conversation with him caused her to choke away match point against Safina. Coincidence? I think not. Camilla better tell him to back up off of her woman.


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What’s the Deal With Nicole Vaidisova?

i2521_sonyericssonkickoffparty02.jpg marriage.jpg

Is this chick married, engaged, what is it? Nicole was seen at the Sony Ericsson Open Kickoff Party with a large rock on her ring finger. (Note: It’s eastern European tradition to wear wedding bands on their right hands). There was a rumour floating around that Vaidisova applied for a marriage liscence with Radek Stepanek, but neither would comment on the issue. Maybe this is the reason for her crappy play of late.

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I’m Gonna Throw Up


Nicole Vaidisova and Radek Stepanek may be the most disgusting couple on the face of the planet. Mostly because Radek and his… face, but also because of Nicole’s very, very poor taste in men. First Melzer and now Stepanek. Nicole, you can do so much better than that man-slut.

Oh and Radek should never be allowed to make that face again. Actually, he shouldn’t be allowed to make any face again.

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Not SO Bad



In the battle of my two least favorite men’s tennis players, Andy Roddick took down Radek Stepanek 6-4, 7-5 in the San Jose final. My dislike for Andy is second only to my dislike of Radek so this win isn’t as bad as usual. So Andy, Congratulations.

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