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Spotted: Maria Sharapova Back On Court

Thank. God. Maria was seen back on court yesterday after two months of not playing. I don’t care if you love her or hate her you have to admit the WTA is boring as shit without her. More pics after the cut. Read the rest of this entry »


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Maria Sharapova, You Better Be an Excellent Tipper

Girl, you better be giving that valet a good tip. If I made $26 million a year, I’d be giving out fifties as tips. Ms. Sharapova was seen Charlie-less/Camilla-less/Dolce-less/alone (whatever floats your boat) shopping in L.A. I’ve said it before, but rehab is doing the Mash good. And only a total creepazoid like me would notice this but, she got a haircut. And I love the top. The pants, not so much. Anyway, more pics after the cut. Read the rest of this entry »

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In case you haven’t heard Maria Sharapova is “dating” some guy named Charlie Ebersol. Its a total fail any way you look at it. Being a Maria fan for probably too long, I can tell you that its most likely not true unless you here it straight from the Mash’s mouth. But, if it is, Maria, you can do so much better! This dude is fug. Can’t she at least “date” hot guys? And if this is a beard, for shame. I hate dishonesty. There is nothing worse than hiding who you are. Plus, Camilla is way hotter. Just sayin’.

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Oh, Hey, Maria

Maria Sharapova recently appeared in Hello! Magazine. Let me just say, chicks aren’t usually my thing, but Mash looks really good here. Really good. Anywho, the article was the same old janx, “you left Russia at a such a young age for tennis, that must have been so hard… blah blah blah.” Yeah, we know. Can someone please ask her something different? Oh and the Mash says she’s never been in love. “No, I don’t think I’ve ever been in love. Maybe I have and don’t know it!” she said. Girl, you’d know it. Seriously, this chick is either unbelievably closeted or living a dreary, sexless existence. But, most importantly, the shoulder is doing well. That’s all we should really care about, right? Rest of the pics after the cut. Read the rest of this entry »

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Thank the LORD

Maria Sharapova is officially planning her comeback from her shoulder injury at the Hong Kong exhibition in early January, two weeks earlier than the original date at the Australian Open. Thank GOD. Love her or hate her, this tour is not the same without this girl. But as a Maria fan, the best news was that the injury has finally been correctly diagnosed. Doctors traced the initial tear back to her match with Tatiana Golovin in Miami 2006. (That explains the mishap that was 2007.) The injury then slowly worsened until her match with Alona Bondarenko at Indian Wells earlier this year, where more significant damage was done. No surgery will be required as the doctors are describing the tear as “very moderate”. Maria will continue rehabing in Arizona in the meantime.

Maria, please, please get better. The WTA is boring my brains out right now.

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Grand Slams 2008: A Look Back

What a year it was for grand slam tennis. With the last major of the year drawing to a close in New York, I think this is the perfect time to look back at the year that was. Let’s begin after the cut, shall we? Read the rest of this entry »

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Boo Hoo?

Maria Sharapova has yet another new Nike ad, entitled “Here I Am”. Its supposed to accentuate the stuggles Maria overcame to get where she is today, but to me it made her sound kind of ordinary. I know Mash had it pretty rough from ages 7-15, but “just another pretty face”? Is this really the best Nike can come up with? It seems to me that people who don’t know Maria’s story are going to get the wrong idea about her from this commercial.

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Photo Op: Maria Sharapova in 20 Years

If Maria Sharapova had a teenage daughter this is exactly how I would imagine them looking and spending their time together. Like, to a tee. In case you didn’t know, that’s Olympic gold medal gymnast, Nastia Liukin, next to Mash. Maria’s choice of dress and Nastia’s overall smallness just make them look like mother and daughter. It’s really creepy actually. I have to stop looking at it. Right now.

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Don’t Forget About Her!

Maria Sharapova would want us to know how good she would have looked in this years U.S. Open dresses, so apparently she decided to enlighten us with the photo shoot. Maria’s been in New York camera whoring all over the place making sure no one forgets about her and her bum shoulder during the Open. It really is a pity that she won’t get to wear these, though because the Mash is looking good. Speaking of camera whoring, Miss Sharapova showed up at the U.S. Open Player’s Party last night.

Someone cut her off. Please.

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Photo Op: Nike Block Party in NYC

Some of our favorite tennis ballers attended Nike’s block party in New York City last night.

Serena Williams blogged after the event: Nike closed the entire BLOCK to put this on! I mean only Nike! I love them!!! They had fake grass on the street so it looked like a park in the middle of the street! There were sooooo many people out there trying to get in! It was INSANE!!!!!”

Serena met up with Roger Federer and Spike Lee and also blogged about that: Anyways I had a fun conversation with Spike and I think he is fab! As u all know I love acting so I hope we can work together one day… That would be awesome!!! lso I talked to Roger Federer! He’s so awesome! We were talking about the gold medals that we won and each of our experiences. It was cool to know that he felt the same way I did about winning a gold medal. It is such an amazing experience playing for your country and being able to bring back gold. He’s fun and so awesome! Clearly my fav player….” Sorry, Rafa, I guess you’re just not fun and awesome enough for Serena.

Steering clear of Serena was Maria Sharapova, who made up for her last event’s fashion mishap by rocking this cute outfit.

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