Throw Up the Deuce



The promotional advertisements for the Madrid Masters Series are so bleak. Transformers are for 5 year-olds, not your average tennis fan. Plus, they couldn’t even get a designer to make it look realistic. Novak’s head looks like it was pasted on in Kid Pix. Irregardless, I will still be watching the Madrid Masters Series and so should you.


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Racing to Shanghai

The top four men have their tickets booked, but 14 others are vying for the remaining spots. Here’s how it’s playing out with the help of a graphic from

This YEC is looking vastly more entertaining than the women’s field. I’m really hoping JMDP can sneak into the field and shake some things up.

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Don’t Worry, Tennis IS Sexy.

Marie Claire magazine has named tennis the sexiest sport of 2008. So, those of you who were afraid that tennis is simply not sexy, stop your worrying. And who said tennis is dying?

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