Throw Up the Deuce


One Can Only Dream..

Unfortunately, rumors of a Kim Clijsters comeback were shot down by her spokesperson, Jeroen Jaspers.

“I don’t rule her out playing an exhibition someday but it’s not at all on today’s agenda. There are new rumors circulating about Kim Clijsters and we want to cut them short.” said Jaspers. “If there is something to say about Kim Clijsters, it will be done through the usual channels.”

My hopes were really high for a minute there, Jeroen. Way to go. If Kimmy came back I would be ecstatic. One can only dream…


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Cljisters’ Child’s First Official Photo


Kim Cljisters and her husband, Brian Lynch pose with their newborn girl, Jada, on the cover of this Belgian magazine. This is the first official photo of Jada and we think she’s the spitting image of Kim.

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Kim and Jada

Here’s some pics of Kim Cljisters leaving the hospital with her new daughter, Jada, and her husband, Brian.




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Congratulations to Kim Clijsters


It seems a congratulations are in order for Kim Clijsters and her husband, Brian Lynch, who welcomed their baby girl, Jada, into the world today. Both mother and baby are reportedly doing very well. Now all we need is for Kim to do a Davenport and come back to the tour. Oh, that would be glorious.

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