Throw Up the Deuce


Tatiana, Please Stick to Tennis

Because relationships obviously aren’t your strong suit. Just days after being seen at Samir Nasri’s soccer game, these photos pop up.

Joakim Noah? Really? Oh, boy. More after the cut. Read the rest of this entry »


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Spotted: Tatiana Hanging with the Footballer’s Wives

Tatiana Golovin is in Switzerland with her beau, Samir Nasri, for the EURO 2008. She’s seen here chatting it up with the other footballer’s wives/significant others. I guess this means no Wimbledon, Tatiana?

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She’s Keeping Busy Alright…

If you’ve been wondering what Tatiana Golovin has been doing during her more than a month long injury hiatus from tennis, don’t worry she’s keeping herself busy. Tatiana has been seen with soccer player Samir Nasri and have been reportedly dating for the last few weeks. The second pic looks pretty steamy, but really we all knew Tatiana was like this, it was just a matter of time before a picture was taken to prove it.

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Photo Op!



Here we see Amelie Mauresmo pour water on Fed Cup teammate, Tatiana Golovin’s head. One things for sure, Amelie LOVED the reaction.

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