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Papa Djerkovic Gets in on the Djerking

Srjdan Djokovic, Novak’s father, apparently thinks the draw for the 2009 Davis Cup is rigged.

“Does anybody really think that it’s just a coincidence that we’ve gotten toughest opponent second year in a row, Russia in Moscow, then trip to Spain? Of course it’s not. Simply, nobody wants us to win DC”.

You’re right Srjdan, Davis Cup is just one big game of keep away from Serbia. His logic behind this; he thinks nobody in the ITF likes the Serbian Federation president.

“Our president left Bratislava on Sunday afternoon, he didn’t even wait for matches to end. If he at least went to Madrid with few influential people and journalists to try to affect the draw with his presence. Nobody’s fighting for Serbia’s interests and that is way we get this treatment. And when time for DC rolls around everybody will be expecting Novak to give his 150% and beat Spain on clay”.

Good Lord, that was unintelligent.


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Grand Slams 2008: A Look Back

What a year it was for grand slam tennis. With the last major of the year drawing to a close in New York, I think this is the perfect time to look back at the year that was. Let’s begin after the cut, shall we? Read the rest of this entry »

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Novak Fakervic, Will You Please Stand Up?

This isn’t the first time Novak Djokovic was accused of faking an injury/fatigue when things got tight and somehow I don’t see it’s going to be the last. Tommy Robredo, who took Djokovic to five sets earlier today, was the latest victim of Novak’s antics:

“Q. You sound like you don’t believe Djokovic’s ailments . Is that true?

TOMMY ROBREDO: That’s not that I don’t believe. I have pain, as well. I was running like hell and my feet were burning but I say nothing, no? I think that if you’re not fit enough, then don’t play.

But after every time he was asking for a trainer, he was running like hell and he was making the shot, but he does what he does a lot of times.

So I think we should take care a lot more of these things, because one thing is that if you fell down like I did, I can have blood and it’s normal that trainer gets in because there’s blood or whatever. But for having pain, I had pain, as well, all over my body because I think I run a lot more than him, and I said nothing, no?

So did I trust him? No. No. I think he took his time because he did it because he was a little bit more tired and that’s a part of the game. It help him a lot.”

Andy Roddick also had something to say on the matter:

Q. When asked about his injuries today, mentioning the right ankle as opposed to the left ankle, the other day ‑‑
ANDY RODDICK: Isn’t it both of them? And a back and a hip?

Q. And when he said there are too many to count.
ANDY RODDICK: And a cramp.

Q. Do you get the sense right now that he is…

Q. Lot of things. Beijing hangover.

Q. He’s got pretty long list of illness.
ANDY RODDICK: Anthrax. SARS. Common cough and cold.

Q. Got a lot of things going on with him.

Q. Do you think he’s bluffing?
ANDY RODDICK: No, I mean, I’m sure ‑‑

Q. The way you’re saying it, almost means you feel like…
ANDY RODDICK: No, if it’s there, it’s there. There’s just a lot. You know, he’s either quick to call a trainer or he’s the most courageous guy of all time. I think it’s up for you guys to decide.

Maybe he really was hurt, but history isn’t on Djokovic’s side. Who can forget the time Novak retired a set down to Roger Federer because of a sore throat? Let’s face the facts, people, Djokovic isn’t from the steely stock of a Nadal or a Federer.

On the plus side, this outfit is much better than the previous two kits.

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Why do Novak’s adidas kits have to look like a box of crayons threw up on him? This isn’t quite as bad as the orange kit, but it’s still pretty off putting. The guy is unlikeable on the court enough as it is, you would think adidas would help him out with something pleasant to look at.

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Photo Op: Rafa Brings Nole to Tears

Novak Djokovic cries after his gold medal hopes are crushed by Rafa Nadal. Novak, I’m not even gonna call you Djerkovic tonight because I feel kind of bad for you.

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Novak Djokovic Gets It Wrong

In more ways than one. As a celebratory gesture after his win over Frank Dancevic, Novak Djokovic raised one finger into the air. Really, though he should be holding three fingers in the air because last time I checked, he was the third ranked player in the world. It’s the little things, Novak, that make people dislike you. This haughty arrogance just irks most people. And that orange shirt really doesn’t help either.

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He’s Back

This happens every once and while with Marat Safin. He’ll play absolutely dreadful for months and then have a win like this. Marat smashed world number 3, Novak Djokovic, in the second round of Wimbledon, 6-4, 7-6, (3), 6-2. Who knows if Marat can continue playing like this, but if he can he’s going to be very dangerous. This loss takes a huge chunk of ranking points off Novak Djokovic,  who had semifinal points to defend, with a loss of almost 700.

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Thank You, Roger Federer

On behalf of all humanity, thank you Roger Federer for finally telling Novak Djokovic’s stupid parents to shut up. It needed to be done. As for the match, Federer def. Djokovic 6-3, 3-2 RET. The win sets up a rematch of last year’s final with Rafael Nadal.

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Down to Earth


Defending champion, Novak Djokovic, was ousted from the Sony Ericsson Open on Friday by South Africa’s Kevin Anderson, 6-7 (1), 6-3, 4-6. Its about time Novak had one of these losses. His head was inflated to the size of the whale of his Indian Wells trophy. I mean, he wrote a memoir of his first grand slam. Roger Federer won 12 grand slams and doesn’t have a memoir. Rafa Nadal is undefeated at Roland Garros and still no memoir. All I’m saying is Novak needed a serious reality check and thats what he got.

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Trophy Case


The Serbian Sensations, Novak Djokovic and Ana Ivanovic, swept Indian Wells this past weekend. Djokovic beat surprise finalist, Mardy Fish, 6-2, 5-7, 6-3. Ivanovic defeated Svetlana Kuznetsova, 6-4, 6-3.

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