Throw Up the Deuce



This is a view of the awesome world of professional tennis from the view of a white upper class catholic prep school student. Go ahead and judge. The point is I love this game. I love it so much as to obsessively search the deepest depths of the Internet to find any kind of news on it at all. I love the sport, the players, the drama, the fashion, the gear, everything. I just love this game.

Get Free.


4 Responses

  1. antisocialstudies says:

    Well then, consider yourself blogrolled! I love the game, too, and you do an awesome job on this blog from what I’ve seen – a great mixture of facts and gossip! 😉

  2. tennisballer says:

    hey there,

    it’s rich from Down the Line!

    good lookin’ blog – i’m rolling you.


  3. thedoublebagel says:

    hey, do you think we can exchange links?

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