Throw Up the Deuce


Papa Djerkovic Gets in on the Djerking

Srjdan Djokovic, Novak’s father, apparently thinks the draw for the 2009 Davis Cup is rigged.

“Does anybody really think that it’s just a coincidence that we’ve gotten toughest opponent second year in a row, Russia in Moscow, then trip to Spain? Of course it’s not. Simply, nobody wants us to win DC”.

You’re right Srjdan, Davis Cup is just one big game of keep away from Serbia. His logic behind this; he thinks nobody in the ITF likes the Serbian Federation president.

“Our president left Bratislava on Sunday afternoon, he didn’t even wait for matches to end. If he at least went to Madrid with few influential people and journalists to try to affect the draw with his presence. Nobody’s fighting for Serbia’s interests and that is way we get this treatment. And when time for DC rolls around everybody will be expecting Novak to give his 150% and beat Spain on clay”.

Good Lord, that was unintelligent.


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