Throw Up the Deuce


Oh, Hey, Maria

Maria Sharapova recently appeared in Hello! Magazine. Let me just say, chicks aren’t usually my thing, but Mash looks really good here. Really good. Anywho, the article was the same old janx, “you left Russia at a such a young age for tennis, that must have been so hard… blah blah blah.” Yeah, we know. Can someone please ask her something different? Oh and the Mash says she’s never been in love. “No, I don’t think I’ve ever been in love. Maybe I have and don’t know it!” she said. Girl, you’d know it. Seriously, this chick is either unbelievably closeted or living a dreary, sexless existence. But, most importantly, the shoulder is doing well. That’s all we should really care about, right? Rest of the pics after the cut.


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4 Responses

  1. Oh, she’s preeeeetty! ❤

    Haha, just because she’s never been in love doesn’t mean she isn’t having sex… xD

  2. Girish Menon says:

    Oh boy! I don’t like the last one.. its way to stiff and uncomfortable. But love the bed one.. wow!

  3. orangeribena says:

    I’d bet she’s a closet case rather than weirdly asexual but you never know.

    Weird Masha talking about her favourite kiss video.

  4. kthanxbye says:

    maria is always so queer when she answers questions about her love life. i just wanna be like “maria, it’s okay to be attracted to other humans.”

    but i agree that she’s a total closet case. it just seems so obvious to me.

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