Throw Up the Deuce



Russia won its fourth Fed Cup in five years with its 3-0 sweep of Spain today. Whatever, I could really care less about Fed Cup. If the players aren’t going to be fully committed to playing, I’m not going to be fully committed to caring. The most interesting piece of news that came out of this is Svetlana Kuznetsova is splitting with long time coach Stefano Ortega to work with Olga Morozova. Morozova lead Elena Dementieva to 2 grand slam finals and the number four ranking in 2004.


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  1. notanothertennisfan says:

    Kuz + Morozova = another Slam event final? I hope so. With better coaching, Kuz could have had a much better year. Remember how she started, reaching the finals in three out of the first five events she entered, or something ridiculous…

    Your “eh…” response to the Fed Cup cracks me up. That’s why I love this blog.

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