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A Look Back: Beijing 2008

I know the tennis event ended a week ago, but the summer Olympic games are perhaps the greatest gathering in sports and I feel the need to appreciate them, especially with all that went down in this year’s games. Here’s what I thought after the cut.

Michael Phelps may have eight gold medals and the single greatest performance from an Olympic athlete, but Ryan Lochte is smokin’:

I found it fitting that in a competition overshadowed by an age controversy that Nastia Liukin, a woman, won the women’s All Around title. Plus, she defines the word “graceful”.

I officially give Shawn Johnson the title of World’s Most Adorable Human. Shawnay better be back in London 2012.

Misty May and Kerri Walsh truly respect and appreciate the moment and that’s what I love to see in athletes.

Usain Bolt. is. a. beast.

The Redeem Team. Never in doubt.

I felt so bad for the USA Softball team. Not a good way to go out in perhaps the sport’s last Olympic game ever.

The U.S. Men’s Volleyball team turned tragedy into gold.

Hope Solo and the US women’s soccer team proved they can win big, even without their star, Abby Wambach.

Whew, what a great Olympics. Now I can put my patriotism back on the shelf for another four years. By the time London 2012 rolls around I’ll be ready to support my country again.


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