Throw Up the Deuce


What Happened?

I go to sleep with the prospect of a Federer-Nadal and Venus-Serena gold medal match looming and a wake up to these surprising results from Beijing. Serena lost. Fed lost. Serena’s gold medal campaign was ended by Sydney 2000 silver medalist, Elena Dementieva. Serena was up a set and 4-2 before Dementieva stormed back and took it 6-3 in the third. Seems like Elena has Serena’s number, she’s won in their last two encounters.

Even more surprising was James Blake’s upset of Roger Federer, in straight sets, too. Normally, I would be upset about this, but during the Olympics I seem to go all patriotic for some reason. R. Fed’s forehand was an unforced error machine and his serve was unreliable. Blake pretty much hit him off the court. Now, James is guaranteed to be in contention for a medal.

Crazy sport, tennis is.


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2 Responses

  1. notanothertennisfan says:

    Jeez, Serena almost predicted this result. She said after her match vs. Stosur, something to the effect, “I play great one match and really struggle in the next. I get really streaky.” She said as much, and then look at what happens.

    I wonder if she and Venus really are injured – or more injured than we know – and went to Beijing to see if they could work some magic.

    And, heck, who else would we have sent?

    And for James. Hoooooleeeeeee… What a time to score your first victory against Roger Federer! I like his chances against Gonzo, I just hope saying “Don’t choke, Don’t choke, Don’t choke” doesn’t make him choke.

  2. kthanxbye says:

    Yeah, James better win tomorrow if he wants a medal because I can’t see him beating Nadal or Djokovic

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