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Casey Dellacqua, Get Over It

Casey Dellacqua slammed Olympic officials for “being forced to strip down to her sports bra in front of thousands of fans in Beijing.” Casey wanted to change her shirt, but did not want to take a bathroom break to do so, instead wanting to go behind the back fence. The chair umpire, however, would not let her. Jesus, its just a sports bra, its not like her boobs are hanging out. She’d still be wearing way more than what the beach volleyball players wear. Some women’s tennis players are such divas.


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2 Responses

  1. nearlynormalized says:

    Maybe she is shy–she does not play beach volleyball. Bet you the beach volleyball players would not play in the suits they have on if they had a choice. Get real, you have to be a dude who wears baggy shorts so you thing won’t show.

  2. kthanxbye says:

    if she was that shy she would have taken the bathroom break like she had the option to.

    and just for the record i don’t wear baggy shorts and i’m definitely not a dude.

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