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China, Spy on the Williams All You Want

China has allegedly been monitoring the Williams sisters training sessions. And Serena and Venus could care less. Frankly, China can spy on them all they want, it really isn’t going to help them beat the sisters. This is presumably being done for the doubles competition, where the Chinese have a better chance of medaling.

“We don’t know. We just follow that yellow ball, we don’t look around,” said Serena in response to question.”We’re out there, we’ve been practising the last two days together. The only thing I see is the ball or whoever I’m practising with at the time,” she added.

Well, if the Williams are healthy, they’re taking the doubles gold, no matter who is spying on them.


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  1. jay3arr says:

    I’m sure China saw what happened at the most recent Grand Slam, Wimbledon. An all Williams final in Singles, and the sisters took the doubles title as well. China must do ALL they can to just have a chance for a medal, not to mention Gold. Check out my page, I blogged on the Williams’ most recent, but not at all shocking, achievement.


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