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Serena: Best Blogger on Tour

Serena Williams is probably the best tennis player on the WTA tour, but she is definitely the best blogger on the WTA tour. Though her blog entries are few and far between, her latest is a hoot. Serena tells an amusing anecdote about how she broke her phone:

“For an embarrassing story the day I did go to the beach I had to go to the bathroom really bad, and I ran to the bathroom forgetting that my phone was in my back pocket, well needless to say it fell in the toilet, and I did not see it until… well lets just say I was really relieved that I did not have to do the number two!!!!! OMG I was so embarrassed and not only that, they always tell you to back up your info, and back up your contacts on your compuer, and I actually DID back up my contacts on the computer. BUT I backed them up in MAY. So for the past 3 months I did not back anything up, and all the extra contacts, ( all the “summer” contacts) were lost.
Hey I am not really one to “sweat the small stuff, so I just told everyone and everyone laughed at me, and now I am telling you go ahead and laugh- I wont be mad.

Man, Serena needs to give some of the other players blogging lessons. (*cough*Ana I.*cough*)


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