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Brace Yourselves

The WTA is planning on formally unveiling its Road Map 2010 plan at next month’s U.S. Open. For those of you who are not aware, Road Map is basically Larry Scott’s master plan of controlling players like Maria Sharapova and Serena and Venus Williams’ playing schedules. The tour is planning to exchange a 40% pay increase for a full field at mandatory events. And if you don’t play, you get slapped with a heavy fine, even if you’re injured. Maybe it’s just me, but, it seems like this isn’t going to fix any problems. If Sharapova or the Sisters don’t want to play, they’re not going to play. Money really isn’t an issue for them. Maria makes $26 million a year, a couple grand isn’t going to set her back all that much. As for the players who make less than $20 mil a year, it seems like they’d just play events injured to avoid these fines and being penalized in the rankings, which is just going to see the overall quality of tennis drop. Needless to say, this whole thing is pretty stupid.


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  1. dumbo8 says:

    it stupid its way too much money

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