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Does Anyone Want the #1 Ranking?

I mean seriously. Ana Ivanovic, Jelena Jankovic and Maria Sharapova have all had plenty of chances to step it up.

Ana has the number one spot right now, but it really doesn’t look like she’s too interested in keeping it. The only reason she has it at the moment is because JJ couldn’t get it done in L.A. Her effort to get to the top at the French was good but has done nothing since then. The last time I checked, chasing Rafa around Mallorca doesn’t get you ranking points.

Jelena has had three chances to take the number one ranking and failed to get it done three times. The first time she had Ana down in the French Open semis and didn’t get it done. Second, she lost to Tanasugarn in the 4th round of Wimbledon. And lastly, she lost to Safina in L.A., where she would have got the ranking with a title. (All credit to Safina though, who played incredibly.) Who knows if she will ever get another shot?

Maria had the top spot gift wrapped to her by Justine Henin when she retired last May. At the time it felt right because Maria was having an unbelievable year and was clearly the best player of ’08. She kept number one for a grand total of two weeks. Now it seems like Maria is more concerned about her (rumored) girlfriend/shoulder injury/new racquets/European adventures/Nike’s latest fashion escapade/Tiffany earrings/executive producing a T.V. show/acquiring a new Ed Moses for her collection/her bangs than her tennis right now.

P.S.- No hate on any of these ladies, I just think they need to step it up big time. I mean, look at Rafa working so hard to get to number one and these girls almost seem like they’re taking it for granted.


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4 Responses

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  2. notanothertennisfan says:

    Amen! I’m shocked no one is going after the #1 ranking harder. Well, I’m not shocked about Masha, because she basically said at the French that she wasn’t worried about being No. 1. Jankovic though… damn girl, third time may have been your charm…

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  4. trburke says:

    true, true, true. and to top it off, the williams sisters who have looked pretty good all year (well, serena has looked good all year) have injuries right now so they need to capitalize.

    tr burke.

    oh…just happened to stumble your blog. i’m WTA obsessed and your blog is a good read. cheers.

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