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Novak Djokovic Gets It Wrong

In more ways than one. As a celebratory gesture after his win over Frank Dancevic, Novak Djokovic raised one finger into the air. Really, though he should be holding three fingers in the air because last time I checked, he was the third ranked player in the world. It’s the little things, Novak, that make people dislike you. This haughty arrogance just irks most people. And that orange shirt really doesn’t help either.


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  1. suncica says:

    Djokovic might be arrogant (which as a fan i love rather than dislike) but you are reading wayyy too much into it. Last night’s match was by no means easy and he has EVERY SINGLE RIGHT to celebrate. Everyone raises one finger in the air.. ive seen plenty of players do it regardless of their ranking. It’s not like he’s tryin to trick us into thinking that he’s number one. Please stop jumping on the i-hate-novak bang wagon. Get over yourself and learn to appreciate what he does on the court. Although I am a Novak fan I don’t attack Federer or Nadal or any player that beats Nole.. every player has their day.. and I realize I’m going on a rant but people like you annoy me horribly. And I heard that he requested the orange shirt just to get on your bad side. Mission accomplished.

  2. kthanxbye says:

    Alright, no need to get defensive. It’s called satire. This is not a personal attack on Novak Djokovic nor was it written with malicious intent. But, I stand by what I said about his shirt because it’s hideous no matter who is wearing it.


  3. notanothertennisfan says:

    I’m totally feeling Nole’s coral-colored shirt. I also thought he could have shown a bit more restraint after beating the “hometown favorite.” Whether it was satire or an actual critique, the author’s comments are quite justified – recall the Australian Open, where Djokovic’s game fell off for a bit partially because the crowd was cheering AGAINST him. He needs to get used to being the “bigger man” and win with aploomb *and* tact.

  4. meor@maru says:

    haha… everybody loves to hate… just because it seemed to be the easiest thing to do…

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