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In Quotes: Janko Tipseravic

Janko Tipseravic offered this little gem about women’s tennis:

“99% of male tennis players can’t stand women’s tennis. There’s no other sport with such a big disparity concerning level of play and the money women make. A friend of mine says that a woman who wins a Slam should only earn enough money to pay for her airplane ticket home. Who knows what else I would say if it wasn’t for Ana and Jelena whom I may consider friends. But of course, I appreciate the effort they’re putting into tennis, because I know they practise as hard as I do. […] The way women think on court cannot be compared to men. Their only strategy is ‘hit the ball where your opponent isn’t.’ Nothing more! No ‘Put more spin on the ball, this is an important point, play to her backhand’. No way! […] It’s that such kind of tennis works today. Look at the Williams sisters, Sharapova or Ivanovic who hits the ball like a truck on steroids. I get a bit critical when I see how much the women earn and how their opening rounds go. That’s what irritates me the most, I feel like going to WTA HQ and *something* all of them. Look at Federer who is so dominant, he has to work so hard to beat a Staracce or an Almagro, he may even lose a set and then look at Sharapova or Ivanovic who lose 3 games in the first 4 rounds. It makes me sick”.

Uhh, Janko, your stupidity is showing.


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3 Responses

  1. notanothertennisfan says:

    Ouch. Are he and Justin Gimelstob roommates or somethng? Where/when did Janks make these comments? What a huge disappointment.

  2. thedoublebagel says:

    Wow. I’m reblogging this.. can’t believe he’d say such things. Meh. He usually comes off well mannered, I’m very surprised.

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