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Sharapova Calls Out WTA, May Take Legal Action

Maria Sharapova is no stranger to getting hit with fines from the WTA, but, this time she isn’t standing for it. The grievances begin for Sharapova after being fined $125,000 dollars for pulling out of Berlin after notifying tour officials that if she played Charleston she would not be playing Berlin. Now, the WTA is requiring her, and several other top players (Justine Henin, Ana Ivanovic, Jelena Jankovic,and Serena Williams, to name a few), to do a 5 hour commercial shoot in Rome right after a 12 hour flight from L.A. and on the eve of the Tier I held there. The fine for not participating is $700,000. Sharapova has since gone public with her dilemma. “The tour does not care what any of the players think, not just top players, The tour will say we have done all these amazing things that the players wanted, but trust me these things they wanted as well and financially benefited from, including this shoot. I want people to understand that I took this action because this is one in a long list of things that the tour has ignored the players. This is not about just one shoot. I just could not just sit back anymore.” Maria told Maria also called out the WTA in her blog. Sharapova is now considering enlisting the help of other top players and boycotting the shoot or taking legal action against the WTA.


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  1. […] yes, this is the campaign Maria Sharapova got all pissy about. And she’s still the covergirl. So needless to say, Maria Sharapova owns the WTA […]

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