Throw Up the Deuce


Wow, Ashley Harkleroad…

Right when it seemed Ashley Harkleroad was going to get back to the top, another disaster happens. Harkleroad will be out until May, recovering from surgery to remove an ovary. She first noticed the pain in her abdominal region during her first round match against Razzano in Miami. She underwent and ultrasound and it revealed a blood-filled cyst on one of her ovaries. The doctor administering the ultrasound told her she was ok to play as long as she could endure the pain. She continued to play and during her match against Elena Vesnina the pain was so bad she could not even take a drink of water, leading to dehydration. That night Harkleroad spent several hours vomiting and growing weaker and weaker. Her boyfriend/coach finally called 911. In the ambulance, Ashley had a panic attack after being told the cyst had ruptured and was now bleeding internally. She was then taking into emergency surgery to remove the ovary. “The good news is that if I want to have babies, the doctors said ‘No problem,'” Harkleroad said. When asked if she would take legal action against the doctor who told her to continue playing she said, “Let’s not go there now,”


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