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Spotted: Ivanovic at Davenport Match


Ana Ivanovic was spotted at Lindsay Davenport’s second round match against Camille Pin on Saturday. The two are scheduled to meet in the third round, providing Ana wins her second round encounter with Emilie Loit. This shows that Ana might be just a teensy bit nervous about that potential matchup and we all know what happens when Ana gets nervous (2007 French Open final anyone?). So if you’re looking for an upset, this might be your match.


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  1. […] I think its time that we start taking Lindsay Davenport’s comeback a little bit more seriously. With her convincing 6-2, 6-4, victory over world No. 2, Ana Ivanovic, it seems like she can truly be a contender in the top of women’s tennis again. Davenport was returning Ivanovic’s serve with a vengence, breaking her five times. As for Ivanovic, she is going to need to learn to compete with the big girls before she’s going to get that elusive first slam. Oh and I hate to say it but, I told you so. […]

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