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Viewpoint: The Changing Face of the WTA

Judging by the first two months of this year, 2008 looks like it could be a year of change for the WTA. The decline of the players born in the early eighties (Henin, Venus, Serena, Dementieva, etc.) has begun. Two of that era’s most prominent players have retired in the pat year, Hingis and Cljisters. Venus and Serena have not been totally dominant since 2004 and are losing more and more. Henin has been showing signs of age of late. Just by looking at the Australian Open this year, you can see a preview of things to come. The three best players of the early eighties, Henin and the Sisters,  took on three players from the new generation of the late eighties, Sharapova, Ivanovic, and Jankovic . Sharapova destroyed Henin. Ivanovic edged out Venus. Jankovic defeated Serena. This is almost like the changing of the guard for women’s tennis. The new generation is undoubtedly led by Sharapova, who is currently undefeated on the season. Many people forget that she is only 20 since she started winning slams at age 17. Sharapova looks to be hitting that dominant form that people predicted her to reach since her stunning Wimbledon win. Ivanovic has reached two slam finals and is very close to coming out on the winning side of one. Golovin and Vaidisova have loads of potential but the future is really in their own hands. Even younger are Radwanska and Wozniaki, who are showing a lot of promise. Radwanska already has two top 5 wins and she’s only 18. Its becoming evident that its the new generation’s time and they’re about to start stepping it up.


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