Throw Up the Deuce


Totally and Completely Useless and Meaningless Facts

I bet many of you would not be interested to know the top ten things that annoy Maria Sharapova:

10. When people are late.

9. When someone parks their car and doesn’t straighten their wheel out.

8. When you’re sitting in an empty movie theater and someone comes and either sits right next to you, or right below you.

7. When you’re at home and outside construction begins before 8am.

6. Snorers on flights.

5. When you’re having a text conversation with someone and in the middle of it they disappear.

4. First time travelers at the security checkpoint (don’t ask questions, just take the computer out!)

3. When someone opens the window on a flight and the whole cabin lights up.

2. Washing your car, to watch it become twice as dirty the next day when it rains.

1. When they dont have the shoes I want in my size!

Maria and I have numbers 10, 8 and 5 and common. Who knew?


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